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Magic Green Houses

Posted By on Feb 4, 2016

Try to imagine the life of 37m², a small house that is completely ecological and energy efficient, while containing all the benefits of conventional homes.

They are very simple to construct and almost anyone can build one himself. It is the use of land as a building element oldest method in the construction, while the clay and construction of beaten earth more frequently used materials, as a modern alternative to the answer to the modern way of construction.


The idea of overlapping structures with live soil plants and their use thermally stable security provided by the proximity of the soil, becoming more accessible and attractive. Green magical houses are made of pre-assembled structures consisting of very durable panels, manufactured from a composite laminate material with closed side walls of reinforced earth, high index of stabilization and protection of the climate and meteorological adverse effects of changes of all kinds and UV radiation.

Because of this effective technology, the design can be adapted to any type of topography and adapted so that all individual needs.

The technology is designed to be easily adapted to any type of terrain and the configuration of the land, both on moderate slopes and on the steep. The addition of pipes, ducts for electrical wiring, water pipes, and mechanical ventilation holes, can be performed at any time of construction and easily installed in the entire system. The trick with this type of construction is to achieve adequate ventilation and water resistance, which makes this project addresses a completely new way of creating a strong modular, waterproof interior object, which in structure cooperates closely with the country.

The components of these structures are very lightweight and quick to assemble. Each piece has a built-in screws and clamps to hermetically connected with each other, then placed in the foundations, thanks to which offers the possibility of fast installation. The country is then placed on the sides and roof of the house, so that they actually cooperate in the stability and strength of the final structure, rather than remain dispersed as mechanically piled on the ground. The technology used in these works constitutes the evolution of different methods of clay construction, such as clay and textiles, designed as a living soil and vegetation, which are then used to cover the system Magical green homes.


It only takes three people to put together this construction in just three days, without special skills and heavy equipment. In short, these houses consume less energy, and last longer and they are healthy for life. Also, their construction requires less material. Of course, they also have a smaller negative impact on the environment. Green building is a need and a future that improves living conditions.

Learn more about the new GREEN MAGIC HOMES technology

Green building, just last year, is higher in the world by 60 percent compared to conventional construction of buildings. They not only save energy but also preserve the environment. Power consumption is less than 20 to 50 percent, and water savings up to 20 percent. It’s healthier for people because they use renewable energy sources and control the waste. There are various types of green buildings designed for living as well as gardening, such as Swallow Greenhouses.

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